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This site is dedicated to the memory of Monty, Macdougal and Ferguson, Our wonderful Scotties that are now dearly departed.
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In memory of Annabella  Scottish Terrier

In Loving Memory-
Annabella- June 9th -2ooo-May 10th-2008.
We miss you pretty girl..... Wait for us at the bridge.


We are pleased to announce
our affiliation with Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc

* We're Changing The Way You Think of Rescue *

Our goal at North Florida Scottish Terrier Rescue is to rescue Scottish Terriers from local humane societies and abusive homes.we also to give peace of mind to owners who may have to surrender their Scottie, due to changes in the home.

We are the Scottish Terrier Rescue Organization for the North Florida Region. We are a non-profit group that is independently funded.
NFSTR maintains a list of candidates who are investigated by ourselves prior to approval. Our approval process includes a home visit by us (where all members of the adoptive family must be present) plus a veterinarians referral if possible.
Generally, our list is comprised of persons who have previously owned a Scottie and understand the terrier breed. Our rescue re-homing is based on compatible circumstances, never on a first come first served basis. We do not practice euthanasia and we absorb the expense of housing the pet until a suitable home is found. That said, we always have a waiting list of approved homes for Scotties.
Our spay/neuter policy, requires us to have the surgery performed while the dog is in our care. Only in cases where, for age or medical reasons, it is prudent to delay surgery, will we alter our policy. In such cases we will require that our adoptive family agree a date with us by when the surgery must be performed and we require proof that the procedure was completed. In such cases, we will not place the pet in a home with an opposite sex pet that has not been altered.

North Florida Scottish Terrier Rescue absorbs all costs of medical and corrective treatments required for our dogs before placement, however, we do charge an adoption fee for the Scottie, as this helps to offset our costs.

We prefer to adopt our Scotties locally, however, we realize that sometimes that is not possible. If you are approved for one of our Scotties you will need to travel to Jacksonville, Florida to pick up your new addition. We do not ship our Scotties.

We are 100% committed to finding our Scotties loving, caring homes, regardless of the amount of time required to do so.
Currently, we serve Florida and Southern Georgia and have over 10 years experience with the breed.
If you are still interested in adopting a Scottie, please contact us via email or telephone so we can forward you our application.
PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU KNOW OF A SCOTTIE THAT IS IN NEED OF RESCUE, WE WILL HELP ANYWAY WE CAN... We are also willing to work with other rescue organizations. 

For more information regarding our rescue services, please contact us by one of the methods below:

Gaynor Leonard
North Florida Scottish Terrier Rescue

Green Cove Springs, FL

Phone:  904-651-0335

Email Us:

The Just Dog Breeds "Dog Rescue Award"
is awarded exclusively to breed rescue groups as recognition
for their hard work and kindness towards dogs.

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